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September at the nursery - 2020

Its been busy as usual at the Nursery, earlier in the month we took part in an online marketplace instead of a physical one with Green Rooms Market in London. The only fair we’ve managed to take part in this year due to the pandemic.

Our Aeonium Velour cuttings have rooted really well and are already leaving the nursery to people all over the UK, we took cuttings of these earlier in the year and they have proved very popular.

As the temperatures are becoming cooler, especially overnight we’re beginning to slow down on the watering of the succulents, during the day the temperatures can still easily reach 30c inside but we water earlier now if we do so they have time to dry out. Most succulents and cacti can cope with cooler temperatures quite easily but they need to be kept dry in order to survive.

The photo below is of Echeveria Prolifica and as the name suggests grows like mad! These plants all started off as single leaves at the start of the year!

If you have trouble with Vine Weevils you need to be quick before it gets cooler to treat your pots and containers with Nematodes, these are organic and kill the larvae in the soil that eat the roots. These are different to the nematodes you may use on your lawn to counter any leather jackets.

Its an ideal time to lay a new lawn if you need to and the main thing to consider is the initial ground preparation, removing all the stones and debris to leave a level base, before then laying the turf make sure to lightly rake over it to fluff it up this helps to ensure good contact between the soil and the turf.

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