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October at the nursery

At the nursery Giulia has been planting cactus seeds at completely the wrong time of year, though they have germinated brilliantly! We’ll just need to keep them extra warm and in a bright spot to make sure they survive the winter. It's not normal practise but she’d found an old pack of seeds and thought it best to use them instead of letting them go to waste.

Giulia’s also grown a lot of pumpkins again this year, not quite as many as last year but there are some currently taking over the hedge by the road at the nursery.

We’re beginning to bring our more tender plants inside, the Aeoniums in particular will have their own bench, for now they’ll also be in soak trays so we can water them easily but these will be removed as the weather gets cooler and allowed to dry out till spring.

Some of the cuttings we took a few months ago have already rooted and have needed potting on such as the Santolina Lemon Fizz, which has already recovered and grown brilliantly from its mid way trim to help encourage more bushy growth.

It should be ready to leave the nursery from Mid Spring onwards next year if all goes well.

The last photo is a sneak peak at some of the new Echeveria we’re growing on ready for spring next year, loads of new varieties and hybrids, we start them off in these modular trays before potting on into 9cm or 1 litre pots. They are currently in 60-70% grit, we’ll leave these without water till they are well rooted before then putting them out on the tunnel floor to be watered as normal, though over winter they will need to be kept dry to cope with the cooler temperatures.

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