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April at the nursery - 2020

As most of you know we have been very busy at the nursery sending out plants since lockdown began, to say we are amazed at the response we’ve had is an understatement and would just like to thank you all for your business.

Now the grass is growing, I've fed and mowed my lawn multiple times and is starting to recover from the wet swamp it became during the winter. Even though it's starting to warm up we are still keeping an eye out for frosts, as a lot of the smaller vegetables will still be susceptible and will knock them back if hit by a frost. All of the plants in the garden have already been fed with fish, blood and bone which we sprinkle around and hoe into the ground around them, after hoeing and weeding as the last thing i want is the weeds to grow like mad!

In the tunnel apart from sending deliveries out, Giulia has been growing the vegetables and potting on and taking cuttings of the other plants we grow will be a semi-constant job throughout the spring and summer. We have a few unusual plants that we have for ourselves, our Kiwi vine is loving the high temperature in the tunnel, we’ve never grown one before but hoping we may even get fruit off it this year. We also have a 3 year old Avocado tree grown from seed, more of a project that something we think will ever grow fruit, though typically it’ll fruit from around 6-10 years old. We’ll keep you posted!

One of my favourite plants in the garden always lets me know when spring has finally arrived. Coleonema pulchrum compactum has grown from a 4inch high plant 4 years ago into one that definitely needs a trim this year!

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