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We are open for visits and would love to show you round but we are appointment only, please get in touch and we can arrange a time



How will my plants be shipped?


Due to the new Brexit rules we will no longer be shipping to the EU or Northern Ireland, we'll keep this under review and if things become clearer we'll begin shipping there again. Currently its just England, Scotland and Wales.

All of our plants will be sent in a small parcel and wrapped in recycled newspaper so they don't get damaged. Each plant will be labelled and will be issued a plant passport when it leaves the nursery. Most plants will be sent bare root to keep postage costs low, we will also dry them out before sending to ensure they travel well and don't rot in the post. 

Postage is a flat rate of £4.50 per order for Royal Mail 2nd Class Delivery, free if you spend over £50.  From date of posting delivery should be within 3-5 days


When I receive my plants

When your plants arrive bear in mind that they have been in the dark for a few days on their way to you. Pot them on in a suitable soil, give them some water and acclimatise them to the light before putting them in their final spot. Sometimes during transit they may begin to droop a little, this is normal due to the light levels.


We also make sure the plants are dry before posting, this means that if they are delayed they wont rot in the post, however they will need a good drink when they arrive and will soon perk up. If in any doubt please contact us for advice. 

Plastic Free Packaging

We want to use as little plastic as possible. All of the orders are shipped in cardboard boxes with paper packing to help keep the plants safe in the post. We do sometimes use bubble wrap in the packages but this hasn't been bought in, its just recycled from various shops locally! The only other plastic that will be in the package is the plastic pot the plants are in and the 'handle with care' tape.


We care about what effect we have on the environment, the entire nursery is run off of our own solar power setup, our water supply is from the farms well or rainwater collection and all of our plastics are sorted and recycled.


Our plastic plant pots after each use are washed and disinfected before being used again, we've had some pots for years and will recycle them when they come to the end of their lifespan. A lot of them are also made of recycled plastic.

We use a minimum of chemicals at the nursery, instead encouraging beneficial insects to help control any pests.

Old compost and weeds are composted before being spread as a mulch on Giulias veg patch at the bottom of the nursery

When will my order be shipped?

Most orders will be shipped within 3-5 working days. We'll send you an email confirmation once we've despatched your order. 

We wont ship plants over bank holidays or weekends as its better for the plants to spend as little time in the post as possible. 

Plant Sizes

Most of our smaller plants are grown in 9cm pots. We also have a range of larger plants available but these aren't currently available for shipping. The plant pictured won't necessarily be the one you receive The photos are usually one of our mother plants with the photo being taken when its looking at its best. Plants sometimes look different at different times of the year. 

New Plants

If a plant you want is out of stock, keep an eye on the website as we will update it as soon as they become available. We'll also be adding more plants and packs over the coming weeks.


We accept PayPal payment and Credit/Debit cards

Wholesale and Retail

As well as selling online we also supply a number of local shops. Please contact us if you'd like a wholesale order.

Issues with your order

In the unlikely event there is a problem with your order please contact us via email and we'll do everything we can to put it right. If you include a phone number we'll call you as soon as we can to sort out any problems you have.

If your order arrives damaged, in order to request a refund or a replacement plant, you must let us know within 1 day of receiving your order. We will usually require a photo of the item in question. 

Order Cancellations

You have the right to cancel within 24 hours from when the order was placed. However if we have already shipped your order then you will not be eligible for a refund. 

Contacting us

The nursery is in a beautiful part of Devon but like most rural areas struggles with phone signal. If you need to contact us email or Facebook messenger is best. If not leave us a message on our answer phone and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

We're a new business with an online shop, any tips or suggestions are much appreciated. We'd also like to know how the plants arrive to you, getting how we package the plants right is very important to us. 


Please let us know what you think. 

Thanks Tom and Giulia

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