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August at the nursery - 2020

Things as always have been pretty hectic at the nursery, online orders have been going out all over the UK and we’ve been welcoming even more people into the nursery as we’re now open!

We have lots of Agaves at the nursery, they’re one of Giulia’s favourite plants and we have a number of mother plants we use to grow babies from, the trouble with Agaves is the spikes and that they are very tricky to repot as its quite easy for them to split the pot as they grow. We’ve just had some Air-Pots delivered that should rectify this problem, they’re a great pot system that we saw at the Chelsea flower show a few years ago, it's a wrap around pot with locking pegs to secure it, so when we need to repot we can simply un peg it to get at the babies.

The holes in the pot also promote better root growth, as instead of a solid plastic pot that can make the roots go around the pot if left in place for too long they grow a far better root system that means the plant is a lot healthier.

This month we’ve also taken delivery of Ladybirds to help keep any unwanted bugs under control in the tunnel, we’ll keep an eye on them to see how they get on, but we hope they’ll enjoy it at the tunnel, lots of plants and a nice warm temperature for them to enjoy through the year!

We’re going to expand the vegetable patch at the nursery and have had 8cubic meters of bark mulch dropped off to suppress the weeds till next year and rot down to improve the soil structure. We were able to get it for free, if you need any just speak to your local tree surgeon!

We’ve collected a lot of seeds from Pink and Blue Echiums, we have the stems drying now so soon we’ll be shaking the seeds out from the stems for growing on, we also have seeds from a Giant Dandelion, it's like a gigantic version of the common weed, don’t worry we don't plan on releasing it into the wild! It can grow almost 4ft so it's not hard to miss.

This time of year our large collection of Lampranthus are just starting to open up, we have trailing and upright growing ones and the colours are really bright!

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