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April at the nursery - 2021

Giulia currently has every available surface filled with propagators at the nursery, with veg, herbs, salad, flowers and succulent seedlings all coming on nicely.

At the nursery we’ve been filling up our display area outside and making more display benches to put the plants on, we have a bit more to do, especially planting up the succulent border we have planned but we will wait till it warms up.

Last month we’ve been dividing our Cannas and potting them on, gently tease them apart then repot them. If you have bamboos do the same but you’ll need an old saw sometimes to cut them in half, don't worry about damaging them with the saw as they’ll easily survive. They’re are plenty of plants that you can divide now, the list is almost endless but these include Hostas, Crocosmia and Primroses after they’ve finished flowering.

It's a perfect time for planting new shrubs at the moment, they are just starting to wake up, the grounds damp and with on and off rain into spring this will give them a good start for the growing season into the summer.

Now the cold weather has passed we are slowly waking up our succulents with some water, we keep them dry when its cold as they survive low temperatures better this way, when they are stressed with the sunlight they change colour quite dramatically, but this also happens in winter when we keep them dry for over 4 months, they handle this perfectly and take on lovely colouring, as we begin to water them in the spring they become more plump as they take in the extra water and begin growing again. Spring is also the time when Echeveria begin flowering, all around the nursery they are beginning to start poking up. We will collect some of these for seeds but the seeds take patience to collect as they are literally like dust and very small.

Our tall banana plants in the tunnel have loved the recent warm weather, in the two weeks since the start of March they have popped out new leaves that are over 1 ft long. We cut them back and cover them in fleece over the winter but in sheltered areas of the garden especially in this area can be outside all year.

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